New treatment guidelines = new opportunities for digital education

A recent article in MediaPost adds specificity to what those of us in digital healthcare marketing have long observed. For example:

  • 53% of all marketing outreach to doctors happens without sales reps, as primary care physicians are more likely to turn down in-person sales meetings than ever before
  • Physicians spend an average 180 minutes per week watching video content for professional purposes, and viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text
  • Two-thirds of doctors who use mobile devices for work check them more than 10 times per day

We see the impact of interactive digital education every day on Univadis, our HCP Affinity Network. The educational component of our platform features multimedia presentations--succinctly delivered by clinical experts in their fields and using a “Test and Teach” methodology that’s proven to engage and inspire learning that clinicians can (and do!) apply to practice.

For example, a recent presentation featuring screening and diagnosis updates for colorectal cancer care appears to have had a meaningful impact on the nearly 2500 HCPs who engaged in this relatively short, interactive segment. Presented by Christopher Lieu, MD, the segment covered recently-updated guidelines on screening for colorectal cancer, as well as valuable recent epidemiology of the disease, which is on the rise in younger people.

Key findings include:

  • Only 19% of respondents correctly identified the most common presenting symptom of colorectal cancer; the presenter subsequently reviewed the correct answer
  • 55% of respondents say that they are likely to increase the rate at which they screen for colorectal cancer in patients aged 50 and older, based on the new guidelines and information shared in this presentation.

These findings illustrate the gaps in knowledge that HCPs have around clinical topics—and highlights opportunities to offer education and resources within a convenient digital format. The platform also offers members the opportunity to engage directly with Dr. Lieu on issues that affect their patient populations.

Of course, this content is optimized for mobile devices – which about half of our members use to engage in our digital platform. It’s an engaging, concise, credible way for HCPs to stay current with the latest clinical content, delivered by experts in their field.

For more examples of how this approach—including our Test and Teach methodology designed to inspire and instill learning—download our report

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